Facebook & Instagram DPA Retargeting (or Remarketing) Advertising



On average our Facebook & Instagram DPA ads see a return of x9.3, sometimes as high as x16.2. In this blog we are going to explain how to get started with these best performing Facebook & Instagram Ads if you're using Shopify.

Step 1 - Install the Facebook Pixel (If you have already done this you can skip to Step 2)

To set up Facebook Pixel for your Shopify store:
1. If you haven't already you will need to set up a Facebook Ads Manager and Business Manager Account
2. Within your Facebook Ads Manager go to All Tools > Pixels, and then copy your Pixel ID
2. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Preferences.
3. Find the Facebook Pixel section, and then enter your Facebook Pixel ID
4. Click Save. 


Step 2 - Install the Flexify App
Flexify is a product feed app which combined with your pixel will allow you to display the products people have viewed on your site via Facebook and Instagram ads . The app is free, however if you want to select custom images there is a monthly fee of $29. There are other apps you can use, but this is by far our favourite. If you want a quick and easy hassle free install we also recommend Nosto, who then charge you 3% of any revenue you make through their ads.

1. Once you have installed Flexify under settings select Format feed for the native shopify pixel setting.
2. We would suggest setting up a new collection within Shopify, which only include instock products or the specific products you want to show up. You can then select this under the settings option Choose the collection for the feed.
3. If your main product image is square and the is the image you want to show up in the ads then you can use the free version of the app, if not you may want to upgrade to the one of $29 version so you can select the specific image you want to use.
4. Login to your Facebook Business Manager account and create a Product Catalog. When you reach the point in the instructions where you should upload a product feed, use the URL given in the Flexify app settings. Leave all other fields set to their defaults except set the “Upload Frequency” with which you want to sync your product feed to “daily” resp. the shortest available frequency.
5. Create a dynamic product ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager by selecting the objective as "Product Catalog Sales". Select your chosen product set, choose "added to cart" as your audience include behaviour and "purchased product" as your exclude behaviour. As always ensure your ad is tracking using your Facebook Pixel.

Hopefully you found this blog useful. If you get stuck or if you would like us to set these up for you, simply drop us an email.

Anthony Donbavand